Would you like to check if the seller on this site is trustworthy?

Hi! Nice to meet you.

I have experience as an eBay seller.

Please refer to this link for a credible review of my previous eBay sales.

eBay Shop Review

I would like to inform you that although you still exist as a seller on eBay, the price difference between the platform and the products on this site is very large. 
eBay's prices are noticeably higher, mainly due to related sales fees.

To solve this problem, I took the initiative to set up an independent website, which is intended to provide customers with more competitive prices and exclusive discounts compared to eBay.

In the future, we will introduce a variety of effective skincare products and holistic health and wellness products for women, and we will only sell genuine products, and we will do our best for fast and stable delivery.

Thank you !