About Us

We are Beauty Lab, a community of individuals who share a passion for skincare. Our collective goal is to preserve the youthfulness of the skin and prevent skin aging. We enjoy visiting massage parlors, aesthetics centers, and meridian massage shops. Due to our deep interest in maintaining healthy skin, we actively participate in renowned skincare expos around the world. During these events, we have had the opportunity to meet friends from various countries who share our concerns about preventing aging and maintaining healthy skin. Although our skin tones may vary, we all have a common interest in maintaining the health of our skin.

We have been exploring skincare products that contribute to our skin's health. We have discovered numerous skincare products made from ingredients known for their effectiveness in preventing skin aging. These products are not only affordable but also composed of safe materials. Inspired by our personal experiences, I created NABU BEAUTY to share the special products that I have personally used, as well as those used by my friends and family. Additionally, I will introduce products that have gained recognition and praise from many through word of mouth.

At NABU BEAUTY, our main focus is sourcing skincare products that have a positive impact on skin health. Additionally, we strive to streamline the distribution process to eliminate unnecessary costs and offer products at reasonable prices. We are committed to keeping this promise as we operate NABU BEAUTY. The products we introduce are renowned for their efficacy, recommended by dermatologists, beauty salons, and skincare experts. We will also showcase skincare tools and lifestyle products designed for women.

Our ultimate desire is to provide global friends with access to affordable and trustworthy anti-aging skincare.

Founder. Jackie Emma Jeong

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